Helping exploration and mining get the most out of their imagery and videos.


DataRock is leveraging recent advances made in computer vision by building an image analysis platform that will streamline the application of deep learning to imagery and videos within the mining industry.


WHat is datarock?

  • DataRock is a cloud-based image analysis platform specifically designed for exploration and mining

  • Our DataRock platform leverages deep learning to segment and classify various types of geological imagery and videos

  • Using the platform, users can upload imagery, apply various general or custom deep learning models, QAQC model performance and export output data

how do we help?

  • DataRock can extract valuable information from imagery that is often underutilised

  • DataRock can automate the extraction of geological information from imagery that is manual and costly to collect

  • Automation can allow geologists and engineers to spend more time performing interpretation and modelling rather than the monotonous collection of data



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