AWS Summit: How artificial intelligence is extracting new value in exploration and mining


DiUS, AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, spoke at this years AWS Summit in Sydney, about how we’ve been using artificial intelligence to gain deep insights from geological imagery to reduce costs and increase efficiency during drilling.

Gerd Wittchen, lead ML engineer at DiUS and Brenton Crawford, director and geoscientist, Solve Geosolutions presented on how artificial intelligence is extracting new value in mining.

The talk covered our journey from idea to development of a machine learning model trained to extract geological information from drill core imagery, as well as our learnings for anyone starting their artificial intelligence journey.

We also talk about how we are leveraging AWS Machine Learning services in a completely serverless approach to enable the operationalisation of image analysis as a service. This will consolidate important geological analysis to deliver consistent and radically efficient insights from drill core samples.

Rediscovering Value in Old Data: How AI is Extracting New Value in Mining